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      Yangzhou Zhengda Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd.is an enterprisethat has obtained certification of ISO9001:2008 International QualitySystem, specialized in the manufacture of grain machinery, to be exact,engaged specially in the development, design and production of newtype high-performance grain machinery and the choicest products ofthem.

      The main products manufactured in it include Grain Cleaners (Such asHi-efficient Rotary Plansifter, Precleaning Drum Sieve and VibratoryCleaning Sieve),MORE+




      Our strengths

      • 山東合和飼料有限公司


      • Years of service experience

        Years of hard work, based on the fundamentals, continuous innovation and leapfrog development, the domestic frontier of professional technology.

      • powerful

        The company uses quality products, advanced technical support, enhanced marketing and efficient pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services to establish long-term cooperation with customers

      • Perfect after sales

        With sophisticated equipment and strong technical force, advanced production management system and perfect after-sales service system.

      • Reliable quality

        Specializing in the production of powder cleaners, elevators, cleaning screens and other products, we have a professional installation team and a professional technical guidance department.

      • Reliable partner

        The companys performance spreads in all major industries, and has established good cooperative relations with all major industries and has a good reputation.



      Specializing in the research and development of high-performance and new grain machinery

      The company undertakes the turnkey project of rice production line design, installation and commissioning, and can design the production process of refined rice with a daily output of more than 100 tons for free and provide lifelong service.


      Yangzhou Zhengda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

      Address: Zhengda Road, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province

      Company Tel: 0514-86510999

      Fax: 0514-86510199

      E-mail: yzzdlj@163.com

      Contact person: Mr. Chu Dexiang

      Mobile number: 13852591285


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